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Rev. Jennifer and Rev. Keith Williams - Spiritually U LLC

Welcome To Spiritually U LLC

I want to personally welcome you to your safe space here at Spiritually U LLC (formally The Foundation of Inner Strength), where we take care of your mind, body, and spirit! I am Rev. Jennifer Williams, Spiritual Advisor, Medium, Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Healer, Rootworker, Visionary, YouTuber, Podcaster, Founder, and Co-owner of Spiritually U LLC. I own Spiritually U LLC with my best friend and husband Rev. Keith Williams.

Spiritually U LLC. offers an array of services, such as Intuitive Mirror Readings, Set your Intention in Stone Readings, Tarot Readings, Conjure Work, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Cleansings, Pendulum Readings, Dice Divination, Scrying, Bibliomancy, Business readings, mentorships and Spiritual Mentorship.

 Everything happens for a reason, and you are here on our corner of the web for a reason.  It is our hope that you walk away from our time together with a new inner strength, love, peace, healing, and faith that anything is possible!

Spiritual Services

Below you will read a brief description of the diverse ways we share our gifts with the world. Read them all and choose the best method that resonates in your heart. Regardless of which way you decide to connect with us, rest knowing that you are in excellent hands and your questions and concerns will be answered in a compassionate way.

Intuitive Mirror Readings | Psychic Readings | Psychic Medium
Intuitive Mirror Reading

I use my magical mirror to connect with the spirits. These readings are conducted via phone, video, or text. I serve clients all over the world. Currently, I am not offering in person readings.

Conjure Work | Rootwork

Custom Conjure Work or rootwork such as spiritual baths, custom candles, conjure oils, mojo bags, cleansings etc. 

Online portal coming soon in the meantime see our services for conjure/ rootwork under services

Living With Intention

Set your Intention in stone with my living with intention reading. This reading provides you with a custom Jewelry piece based on your reading or you can choose to have just a reading with no custom jewelry.

Relax & Release Session

My Relax & Release Readings includes an Intuitive Reading which is followed by diagnosis and treatment via guides that are present during the reading.

Spiritually U / Divine Purpose Session

Spiritually U Session is not like a psychic reading or medium session, nor is it about what do I see for your future, A Spiritually U Session is about the now, this moment in time and how you intend to show up each and every day.

Tarot Reading

Have any questions you need help finding the answers to? See what my 25+ decks of Tarot and/or Oracle cards have to say. See what message Spirit has for you. 

Let that shit go!

Need a listening ear to rant and rave about what is bothering you without judgement? Then my Let That Shit Go Session is for you!

Podomantia - Divination Of Dice

Casting off the dice to get answers to life’s problems and solutions. Other names for dice divination include astrogalomancy, astragyromancy, and cleromancy. 

Biblomancy – Divination By Books

For telling events by interpreting a randomly chosen passage from a book or several books, especially the bible.

Hydromancy - Divination By Water, Also Called Scrying

With these readings I gaze into water and pick up symbols, and messages for life’s solutions.

Intuitive Business Readings

Intuitive business reading is a reading that focuses on your business. We dive deep to see what's working, what is not working and why

Pendulum Readings - Spiritually U LLC
Pendulum Readings

I use my Pendulum and my guides for these readings my pendulum acts as a receiver and transmitter of information and moves in different directions in response to the questions, you may have.

Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship is a program I designed to help you develop spiritually on an individual basis. I can help you find the life and spiritual life you long for. Together we will work on what is missing in your life/ spiritual journey and fill the void. 

Intuitive Business Mentorship

Intuitive Business Mentorship helps owners of small and medium sized businesses with ways to get more sales, marketing strategies, management, team building, setting, and achieving goals and more. Using the powers of spirit, the universe and timing!

Meet the Founder!

Hi! I am Jennifer Williams. I come with over 30 years of experience in the Metaphysical world, I have been given the gift to speak, hear, see, and feel spirits, which means I am clairaudient, clairvoyant, and have clairsentience. I use these gifts along with my trusty mirror, other tools, and my spirit guides to tap into the spirit world. Just like a doctor uses his or her knowledge, a stethoscope, or any other instrument to check you out, I use my mirror and other tools to communicate and see into the spirit world and check you out. Having a strong bond with my guides allows me the chance to communicate with most of the departed openly and freely and some of my client’s spirit guides.


Our Mission

The mission of Spiritually U LLC is to help people from all levels of society by taking care of their mind, body, and spirit. To help you to learn to embrace yourself, your family, co-workers, friends, your business, or job. To help you find your divine purpose and to embark on your spiritual journey. It is my hope to help as many people as I can find a balance in your lives and to have a more productive and positive experience in this journey, we call life.

Hi. I'm Rev. Keith Williams

I am the Rev. Keith Williams: I am the father of four children and have been happily married for 25 years to my lovely wife Jennifer Williams. We have been ordained ministers for a decade.

For many years, I have been known as a mystical person and would hear voices in my youth. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a person or animal that no one else saw.  So instead of embracing this gift, I did what many others have done and just blocked it out. As I grew into my early twenties I finally began to accept and embrace this ability. My friends used to call me Nostradamus because I would always give predictions. Most of the time, to everyone’s amazement, they would come true.

Rev. Keith Williams - Rootworker- Minister- Spiritual Advisor- Conjurer

The Love Is Real

Rating Stars

Incredibly positive reading with my original questions answered, lots of accurate information given. Thank you!

Jennifer-Williams-Spiritual-Advisor-Medium-Intuitive Reader
Rating Stars
Tamika J

Rev. Williams is the absolute best medium that I've ever met! I am stunned at how well she can describe my loved ones who have passed on. She was very warm and inviting, but she is telling it like it is person and I love that. 

Rating Stars
With so much love and gratitude Samuel Quinn

I just got off the phone with Ms. Jen, and I just can’t stop thinking about all the accurate information she provided. It is amazing, and while she doesn’t always tell you what you want to hear, I appreciate her honesty. She will tell you want you need to hear and that is awesome. Some readings I had were all peaches n cream, yet my life was not. If you want the truth book her!

Waist Beads
Rating Stars
Shonna Brown

Jen is a warm individual, simple to speak with, and is in every case exceptionally good at what she does. In case you're attempting to sort out what's happening in any circumstance of your life, I strongly suggest getting a reading with her. My intention reading was awesome, and the waist beads she made for me were not only beautiful, but the energy that came from them was paralyzing in a good way.  

Rating Stars
Kim Jwan Thailand

Despite being on the other side of the world, and my limited English Rev. Jennifer was so accommodating to me and my translator. She is funny, witty, sincere, and knowledgeable. The way she pinpointed what was happening in my life with such accuracy was amazing and scary at the same time. I am so glad you are sharing your gifts with the world.

Contact Us

Please note: Use this form to ask us any questions you may have about our service's. We will answer what services may be right for your current situation, but we will not answer questions you have about your life or problems you maybe experiencing. You would need to book a reading to have those questions answered. You may also use this form to book us for shows, interviews etc. Thank you!


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Spiritually U LLC. offers an array of services, such as Intuitive Mirror Readings, Set your Intention in Stone Readings, Tarot Readings, Conjure Work, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Cleansings, Pendulum Readings, Dice Divination, Scrying, Bibliomancy and Spiritual Advisory.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: 704.940.5135


4513 Canal RD, Marshville, NC 28103.

No Walk-ins available!

Payments Accepted

Venmo, Melio or Cashapp @spirituallyu to make a payment or donation, if you wish to pay viva google pay please email me at

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