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My lesson for the day, over the past few weeks I have been testing the theory of loyal friends and the real meaning of friendship. I have learned over these past few weeks, speaking with many people, that it is quite easy to have acquaintances and you can acquire many of these people in your life, but it is extremely hard to have real friends and true friendships. Many of us have the misconception that just because you spend time together with someone, have fun with them, talk with them either infrequently or frequently that they are all sudden your friends or even your bff. Sadly, most of these people are not your friends or bff’s; they are people who come into your life at that moment for whatever reason. For everyone, it's different why they come into your life, but they just do. I learned that a loyal friend and not an acquaintance will help you at the drop of a dime and it can be for the smallest thing that may take them only 2 seconds of their time. They don’t ignore you when you are alone with them either online or in person and they don’t only acknowledge you when they are around others. They show you support no matter what. They don’t just come to you when they need something and turn around and ignore your needs. They are willing to help you even when you don’t ask for it.  The help can be a simple prayer, thumbs up, kind words, an ear to listen to you, a shoulder to lean on, a like on your page etc..; it does not have to be financial, nor do they have to be with you in person to support you.   I can go on and on, but just the fact they are willing to support you for anything positive that you do whether it’s big or small, is someone you want to call a friend.

Now look around you, look at all the people in your life in the physical and virtual world, how many of these people fall into the friend category? How many falls in the acquaintance category? You will be surprised either way. There may be people who you thought were your friends who are not and there are people who you thought were acquaintances, who now you see as wait… a friend.

Now that you have done that, look at yourself how many people can say the same about you? To make real friends and have real friendships you must be a real friend. If you feel you are a real friend great, now what can you do to make more friends?

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