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Rev. Jennifer Williams offers an array of services to help you take back your power and get you to take control of your spiritual journey, to provide you with clarity and understanding. Below you will find a list of services, read them all and choose one that you feel pulled to. Currently, I offer Intuitive Mirror Readings, Set your Intention with Stone / Living with Intention, Relax and Release (spiritual healing) Sessions, Tarot Readings, Conjure Work, Spiritually U Sessions, Intuitve Business Reading, Intuitive Business Mentorship, and Let That Shit Go!

Rev. Jennifer Williams Spiritual Mentor

Sliding Scale Services

Navigating our world today presents challenges, particularly for the BIPOC community. I am dedicated to supporting my community, recognizing that I can't assist everyone, but I am committed to helping those within my reach. To honor this commitment, I have introduced a sliding scale option for select services.

If financial constraints prevent you from accessing my services, you're welcome to apply for the sliding scale program by completing the form below. Complete all required details, and kindly apply only if you genuinely cannot afford my standard prices. It's important to note that dishonesty in seeking discounts will not go unnoticed; my Ancestors and Spiritual team will alert me.

Upon acceptance into the program, I will contact you. If you don't receive a response, please understand that the volume of applications may limit my ability to reach everyone.

The following services are available under the sliding scale program:

  • Spiritual Mentorship
  • Spiritually U Sessions
  • Intuitive Mirror Readings
  • Let That Shit Go - Empathic Listener

Whether or not our paths cross through these services, I extend my best wishes for your spiritual journey. May you find peace, love, light, and spiritual clarity.

Warm regards,

Rev. Jennifer Williams

Sliding Scale Application

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Tell me more about you, and why are you interested in this service(s)? How much can you pay for the service (s)? If you are selecting more than one service what can you pay per service?

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

What to Expect

When you come to us for a reading you can expect professionalism, compassion, and straight up truth. We are very easy-going people who are easy to have a good relationship with. We always make sure our clients are comfortable and they understand what is happening.

There is no need to be nervous, it will work to your benefit if you leave your nerves at the door and come with an open mind and heart. Doing so will make it easier for us to connect with you.

We do have to warn you, two of Rev. Jennifer’s spirit guides are very blunt and like to tell things as they are, curses and all. If this will make you uncomfortable, please book with Rev. Keith or someone else. They don’t curse all the time but do so when they feel their point is not being heard or understood. They also curse when they feel it’s appropriate at that moment. We have also seen some of our clients have a spirit guide or guides who are the same way. Rev. Jennifer can also be very blunt and to the point as well, she just tries to do it with a little more compassion.

During your reading we may ask a question or two to make sure I am tuned into you correctly. Most of the time we just let the spirits take over and do their thing. Sometimes you may get messages that don’t make sense in the present moment but hold on to that info because often it will come up in the future and hit you like a ton of bricks.

Below we have included the most frequently asked questions Rev. Jennifer receives. If a question you have is not included below contact us and we will answer your question to the best of our ability.

Conjure Baths and Oil - Spiritually U LLC
Education Spell Jar - Spiritually U LLC

The Spiritually U session is intended to give you spiritual and life transformation. It is available to help empower you and help you rediscover your personal power.



Visiting Spiritually U constitutes that you agree with my terms. Also hiring Rev. Jennifer or Rev. Jamel also constitutes that you agree with our terms.

  • We do not charge any hidden fees for our consultations or sessions. All clients have access via our website regarding cost, starting cost and length of our services.
  • We will be clear about what we can and cannot do for you.
  • All sessions will be held in the strictest confidence (*unless there is a threat of danger where the client may harm him/herself or as required by a court of law.)
  • As a non-denominational minister, we welcome people from all spiritual paths, ethnic heritages, and cultures, regardless of sexual preference or personal background.
  • We will serve the best interests of our clients, without causing harm or intending to cause harm, because we will not do it, simply because you don’t like a person. If you are looking for that type of work, then Spiritually U is not the place for you! You have a right to spiritually defend yourself if someone caused you harm, but we believe you have no right to cause harm to someone simply because you don't like them.
  • We will not attempt to predict winning lottery numbers. We can help you to obtain some extra money in your life or help open the door for more money to enter your life. But we will not tell you how or when to play any lottery.
  • We will not predict when you or anyone else will die.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any reading or work not adhering to our policies.
  • Our intention for the readings we give is to leave you feeling empowered, inspired and have greater clarity because of our time together.
  • Our focus is to determine potential choices that serve as transformational positive solutions.
  • Just remember that there is always the Law of Free Will. This always means that you have choices and what we read for you is information your guides and angels want you to know and are giving you hints as to directions to take, warnings to heed, areas of interest, etc. If you choose not to follow the advice and direction this is your choice and then of course the overall outcome of the reading will be affected!
  • We are not (nor do we imply) that we are doctors, lawyers, accountants, or mental health professionals. These readings are not intended as an excuse not to receive medical attention, or not to seek the advice of a professional. Use your better judgment, we will not be held responsible for anything that happens in your life, as result of these readings! Ordering a reading indicates you understand our terms!
  • We will not give any professional advice related to these fields or any other field in which we are not qualified.
  • We will not be held responsible for anything that happens in your life because of rootwork, conjure work, cleansing, healing etc.
  • Any services provided by us are by appointment only, you can book directly with us on this website.
  • We don’t accept phone appointments.
  • If are interested in any type of conjure/ root work performed by us, it is advisable that you have a reading before we do said work, such as having a Relax & Release Session with Rev. Jennifer or speaking with Rev Jamel first you want to have him perform these services. If you choose not to have a reading in conjunction with work performed, we accept no responsibility for the outcome as you may be having the wrong work done for your situation.
  • Our services and readings are for those over 18 years of age.  Please keep oils, candles, and small items out of the reach of children and pets. Spiritually U LLC and the team will not be held liable for any negligence done by our clients and customers.


To reserve your session prepayment is required prior to all sessions. Prepayment is also required for any antidotes, conjure work, rootwork, jewelry pieces created for you.

Due to the nature of our services, work, and products, we do not accept returns, cancellations, or issue refunds. Please read each work, product, service description that you are interested in very carefully. If you have any questions or concerns, please fill out the contact form, and we will get back to you in 1-2 business days.

Broken Candles and Fragile items- At Spiritually U LLC we take pride in our products, and work. These items that are shipped are well packaged with care. Despite our best efforts our candles and fragile items can arrive damaged or broken. Spiritually U LLC will not replace these items, you must file a claim with the carrier who delivered said items.

If you don’t agree with these policies, please seek help elsewhere!

Please click these links to read our polices, terms, store policies, and disclaimer!

Contact Us

Please note: Use this form to ask us any questions you may have about our service's. We will answer what services may be right for your current situation, but we will not answer questions you have about your life or problems you maybe experiencing. You would need to book a reading to have those questions answered. You may also use this form to book us for shows, interviews etc. Our contact forms may not be used for your solicitation of your article's and or services. Those who do will be marked as spam Thank you!


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Spiritually U LLC. offers an array of services, such as Intuitive Mirror Readings, Set your Intention in Stone Readings, Tarot Readings, Conjure Work, Mediumship, Spiritual Healing, Cleansings, Pendulum Readings, Dice Divination, Scrying, Bibliomancy and Spiritual Advisory.

Business Hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Phone: 704.940.5135


4513 Canal RD, Marshville, NC 28103.

No Walk-ins available!

Payments Accepted

Credit Cards, Venmo, Melio or Cashapp @spirituallyu to make a payment or donation, if you wish to pay viva google pay please email me at

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